I Like Mike

Why Like Mike?

Why am I a trusted partner to some of the biggest high-end brands in the world? Why should you vote with your campaign dollars and make me part of your team? I make two very simple campaign promises (and I actually keep them!) to every client:

Campaign Promise Number One

I will listen to your creative direction and add value based on my more than 31 years and 90,000 hours of experience on the campaign trail. Our finished product will leave you saying “Mike made our campaign better.”

Campaign Promise Number Two

I will deliver visual solutions that support your campaign vision on time and on budget. And if you change course, I change course. Using digital airbrushing, drawing and photography, if you can dream it, I can deliver it.

We’re actually going to have fun working together.*
*Not a promise, just a fact.

I Like Mike!

  • “Over the past several years I have had the pleasure of working with Mike on several projects and all have been very successful. He always works with what’s available, whether it be original photography or utilizing stock, and will make your vision come to life. If it’s something I can’t do…I know I can call Mike.” - James Walker, Art Director, Spider Marketing Solutions
  • “I have commissioned Mike many times over the years and have great success and happy clients every time. He can really visualize what an art director and client want their image to look like and his execution is flawless. Mike works within budget and is always professional and reliable. I never hesitate to call on him and I am never let down.” - Kay Izzard, Art buyer / Sr. Print Production Manager BBDO Toronto, Canada
  • “I love working with Mike as he is always reliable (panic jobs are common with us) and makes my art directors happy, not to mention the clients. He always has great ideas to make any image pop out with his magical hands (wand). He never gets bored of anything we throw at him as it is always something new, exciting and challenging for him. He is fair priced and reasonable with his usage charges. I always look forward to working with Mike. It's like he is the only illustrator in town. Personally, Mike has created a illustrated banner for a website for me in no time and with a couple of minor adjustments he gave me exactly what I wanted.( Now only if he could learn to salsa he would be superman!)” - Flora Kozma, Art Buyer / SR. Print Production Manager, Publicis, Toronto
  • “The great thing about Mike, aside from his obvious illustration talents, is that he's a problem solver, which means fewer problems for me. It's such a pleasure to work with someone who has the technical skills to back up his creative talents. He makes the process of doing beautiful yet technically challenging work much less scary.” - Brian MacDonald, Sr. Art Director, Publicis, Toronto
  • “Mike has delivered work on time and on budget, that is technologically savvy and mechanically sound for use in all media. We are very satisfied with his work.” - Antoinette (Toni) St. Angelo, V.P. Director Production & Studio Services, Y&R Toronto
  • “Simply put, Mike gets it. His creativity and marketing savvy always enhance my original vision. During briefs he's a step ahead in understanding what we're going for and his professionalism and easy going nature make every project a pleasure to work on. Our clients love his work, and the other art directors I've recommended him to can't say enough about how easy and fun it is to work with him. If you're looking for technically superior imagery without artistic compromise, Mike is your guy.” - Ian Taylor, Senior Art Director, Ogilvy & Mather, Toronto
  • “Working with Mike is a no-brainer. He always does a great job - no muss, no fuss. The illustrations came together quickly with only a few minor changes. We wanted to convey a sense of humanity and warmth and Mike delivered.” - Paul Parolin, Senior Art Director, The Hive Strategic Marketing, Toronto
  • “Mike Carter is a true professional who works with exacting precision usually under onerous timelines. He is patient, professional and accommodating. His knowledge of digital pre-press is impressive to say the least and I would highly recommend his services.” - Derwyn Goodall, Principal, Goodall Integrated Design, Toronto, Canada
  • “We've really enjoyed working with Mike Carter. His ability to fuse attention to detail with artistic vision have been invaluable, and his easy-going manner, combined with his professional attitude, have made him a welcome member of our creative team.” - Debbie Smith and Tom Dart, Project Manager / Production Co-ordinator, First Folio Resource Group Inc.
  • “Mike Carter is a great guy. I have worked with Mike on projects for years, if you are ever in need of a high realism image he is your man” - Scott Christie, Partner, Pylon Toronto, Canada
  • “Working with you has been a true pleasure. Your professionalism is refreshing and the quality of your work exceptional. I won't hesitate to contact you for help with future illustration assignments.” - Julia Casale, Chief Marketing Officer, Casale media Inc.
  • “Over the last 23 years I have been using Mike quite regularly. His work speaks for itself and every time I show his book to new art directors, they are always amazed at the quality of his photo realistic illustrations. As an art buyer, my confidence in his ability is flawless and his work is always problem free. His prices are fair & realistic, he's very fast and through his communication skills never misses the boat. Art directors and clients alike love working with him.” - Louise Dagenais, Print Production Manager, Print Production, Ogilvy & Mather, Toronto
  • “I've worked with Mike over several years and always found him to be a very professional and talented guy. Always gets the job done, on time, with a great degree of quality and with his friendly manner he's easy to work with.” - Michael Mouat, Sr. Art Director